Why should employees pay for their own corporate clothing?

I can already hear the Simply Red song echoing down the hallways: “Money’s too tight to mention.” From the bosses and from the team. The question is, who will be winning the battle between who is going to pay for the next batch of corporate clothing?

The Great Corporate Clothing Debate

Corporate clothing – the great debate that never seems to end. “Why are we wasting our hard-earned cash on matching shirts and jackets?” they ask. “Isn’t our hard work and dedication enough to represent the company’s professionalism?” And who can blame them? I mean, nothing says “I love my job” like spending money on uniforms that often end up crammed in the depths of a closet, next to the bowling shoes we didn’t know we had.

Why is corporate clothing a waste of money?

Why do many believe corporate clothing is a waste of money? Let’s be honest, there are more thrilling ways to spend company funds than on a wardrobe overhaul. Imagine using that money for a fun-filled afternoon out with the team, rewarding happy hours, or the latest and greatest coffee set. It’s no wonder that corporate clothing is often seen as the least exciting line item in the budget.

But, I’ll admit, there are situations where buying corporate clothing for your team might not be the best move. This is mostly thanks to corporate clothing agents who are more worried about their sales commission than providing the best possible marketing advice. The reality is that most corporate clothing agents have zero marketing background and are unable to give valuable marketing and brand-building advice.

Why should employees pay for their own corporate clothing?

So why, you ask, should employees pay for their own corporate clothing?

Nothing of Value is FREE

These words of author Robert A. Heinlein, certainly remain true. We just don’t appreciate anything that is given for free as much as when we had to make an investment towards it.

Sense of Ownership & Pride

Empowering employees to invest in their corporate attire can give them a sense of ownership and pride. When it’s their hard-earned money on the line, they’re more likely to care for and value their professional appearance.


Moreover, by putting the responsibility of buying corporate clothing on employees, companies can allocate those funds to other initiatives that resonate more with the team. Imagine boosting the budget for professional development, team-building activities, or even those thrilling company parties everyone raves about.

More Benefits of Corporate Clothing

Save time

No more endless hours wasted in the mornings, deciding what to wear. Let’s face it, life is busy enough as it is. Every extra minute we can save counts, so why not turn back the clock a few minutes in the morning with stylish corporate clothing that makes the decision for you?

Save money

Corporate clothing (or at least the ones that AddShine supplies) is robust and hard-working. By wearing your corporate clothing to work, even if it is only for one day of the week, will save your delicate formal wear for those extra special occasions.

Save the team spirit

Nothing makes a team bond together like eliminating the internal bickering of who is wearing what. By dressing in the same corporate clothing to work, everyone is on the same footing. Or at least that is before all the creative styling of your corporate clothing starts happening.

The Moral of the Corporate Clothing Story

Yes, in the end, money is too tight to mention. That is why you should select a corporate clothing agent like AddShine who has been in the brand-building industry for over 30 years! Building long-term relationships and successful brands is our number one priority.

And yes, we do propose that you work out a payment schedule for the corporate clothing that you are about to supply your employees. Nothing that is FREE has any value whatsoever.

It’s a strategic move that fosters pride, celebrates personal style, and redirects company funds toward opportunities that ignite enthusiasm and growth. Plus, who doesn’t love the thrill of a good shopping spree now and then, even if it is for work?

Give AddShine a call today! We would LOVE to advise you on choosing the right corporate clothing for your team.

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