How to get both sides winning on Women’s Day

Women’s Day Corporate Gift Ideas

To do or not to do? That is a conundrum indeed.

When it comes to Women’s Day corporate gifts, the corporate world often falls into the trap of generic gestures and clichés. This is probably the reason why many corporates feel that spending money on corporate gifts on Women’s Day is a waste of money.

Explore the Counter Narrative

But what if we told you that by embracing the power of counter-narrative corporate gifts, you can not only celebrate the women in your organization but also boost your brand in a truly memorable way?
Picture this: You invest in unique, meaningful gifts for your female team members or clients, such as the Okiyo Chizu Bamboo Cheese Board Set.

Add some suggestions on how to use the brand new Okiyo Chizu Board and how not to use it, and you might find your females truly happy. And happy females equate to productive females. And we could have a discussion ad infinitum on how successful your company could be if your females are happy and productive!

Spilling the Positive Vibes

Not only do they appreciate the thoughtfulness of your Women’s Day Corporate Gift, but the positive vibes can spill over into your office like never before. Suddenly, your brand is responsible for sparking laughter, deeper connections, and heartwarming moments between your females and whoever comes into contact with them.

Unexpected Delights and Relationship Strengthening

That personalized cheese board you gifted your top female client? It becomes the centerpiece of shared appreciation and bonding moments. After all, people do not buy from you because of your product or service. They ultimately choose you because you are you.

Viral Potential and Influential Branding

As your female clients or employees share those thoughtful gifts on social media, your brand gets a priceless boost. Suddenly, you’re the talk of the town – in the best way possible. And yes, one could add the AI crap of ‘making your brand synonymous with empowering, uplifting gestures for the women in your orbit. Your target market, filled with savvy, professional women, will take notice’.

Cement the Brand Loyalty

If you want the females in and around your business to feel that you truly “get” them, you need to ditch the generic flowers and chocolates. AddShine can help you think up the counter-narrative ideas to make a massive impact this coming Women’s Day. But hurry, your stocks might run out if you do not act today!

And even if you don’t want to order today, we would LOVE to chat with you.

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