Using Special Days of The Year To Spice Up Your Marketing

Why does everything seem to become more boring as we get older? If you are part of the prehistorics amongst us, like me, you’d remember the Toyota RAV 4 advert that launched in May 1994. This advert popped into my head when we started looking at all the insane Special Days of the Year that you can include in your marketing campaign. There is absolutely no reason that life should be boring after all.

When we talk about using special days of the year in your marketing campaigns, we talk about much more than the standard New Year and Easter and Christmas and all the other standard and and holidays. Let’s bring in some adventure and jump right over all the standard special days of the year. But you are warned. This list does get a bit crazy. Here are a few of the special days that you can incorporate in your marketing.

1. National Pralines Day – 24 July

I’m not sure if this day is supposed to be an American observed day, but if South Africans could incorporate Black Friday into their annual schedule, I do believe we should make space for National Pralines’ Day. Our lives could be enriched in so many ways. In fact, I can hear Shakespeare’s ‘let me count the ways…’.

2. International Joke Day – 1 July

One thing is for sure, and that is that we are living with an insane amount of stress and strains around us. Taking one day a year to dedicate it to a good joke, is a pretty serious matter.

The main purpose of this day is to highlight the importance of humor in our day-to-day lives. Laughter is not just a reflex or an instantaneous reaction, it is a potential tool that promotes happiness, relieves stress and also strengthens social bonds. 

3. International Friendship Day – July 30

International Friendship Day, also known as World Friendship Day,  created by the United Nations is observed worldwide on July 30th to celebrate the bond of friendship. It is a day to promote friendship and community, and how everyone is appreciated and observed in different cultures. 

The founder of Hallmark Cards, Joyce C. Hall was the first person to suggest a day to celebrate friendship in 1930.  The World Friendship Crusade introduced the idea of celebrating friendship worldwide in 1958. It wasn’t until 2011, on July 27, that the United Nations General Assembly decided to declare July 30 as International Friendship Day. 

4. World Gratitude Day – 21 September

The United Nations celebrates September 21st as World Gratitude Day for the world to come together and celebrate gratitude. In 1965 a Thanksgiving dinner was held at the meditation center of the United Nations building in Hawaii.

The people in attendance promised to hold a gratitude meeting in their own country every September 21.  It was only in 1977 that, in recognition of Sri Chinmoy’s work, the UN meditation group requested a resolution to make World Gratitude Day official.  Since then, World Gratitude Day has been an annual international commemoration.

5. International Coffee Day

Coffee Lovers, assemble! It is time for all coffee lovers to rejoice as International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1st. What better than this day to celebrate and appreciate your love for coffee from across the globe?

The first International Coffee Day was on October 1, 2015. Coffee lovers, roasters, and cafes use this day to promote fair practices and recognize the hard work of the farmers who produce and process coffee from across the world.

Spicing Up Your Marketing

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