Why should you invest in Corporate Clothing & Promotional Gifts?

A very good question indeed. Why should you invest your hard-earned money in corporate clothing & promotional gifts? In some cases, you don’t even have money to spend yet. You are just holding your head above the water. The Simply Red song ‘Money’s Too Tight to Mention’ pops into my head when the thought of spending more money enters the conversation. Sounds familiar?

The short answer to this question is ‘brand building’. Investing in corporate clothing & promotional gifts has always been the cornerstone of building your brand. But let’s explore what this process of brand building entails, in the shortest possible time.

Brand Awareness

Investing in corporate clothing and promotional gifts creates brand awareness. Attractive branded clothing makes the brand unforgettable and familiar to customers. This branded clothing could be a warm jacket for the freezing weather or workwear for your team. In fact, I find it a good excuse to wear a puffer jacket to work! People are more likely to remember your company name if your logo on a jacket keeps on popping up in their memory.

Professionalism & Credibility

Corporate clothing looks professional and credible, attracting potential customers and reflecting a positive brand image. Who wants to do business with an unknown name? You want to earn the bragging rights of your clients after all. It shows the business is serious and making efforts to satisfy customers.

Team Building

Forget all the funny memes we make about how a logo on a shirt is laughed about when team building enters the conversation. The reality is that branded clothing, if planned and executed correctly, fosters team spirit among employees, increasing productivity and motivation. A unified style with the company logo creates a long-lasting impression.

Continuous Marketing

Branded clothing and gifts could be one of your most affordable marketing tools. I can hear you say ‘Yeah right’, but if planned and executed correctly, your brand will be on display long after the office has closed. The logo is visible wherever employees and customers go, increasing brand awareness with minimal effort.

Creates Raving Fans

Corporate gifts strengthen friendships between the business and employees, clients, suppliers, and customers. And that my friend, is the sweet spot of marketing! If your customers believe you are friends (hopefully true), you are in for long-term support, testimonials, and raving fans for life.

Inexpensive Incentive

Gifts are relatively inexpensive compared to other incentives if purchased well in advance and within your marketing plan. In my mind, the key factor of success when purchasing corporate gifts and promotional gifts for incentives is planning. Does it fit in with your company’s WHY? Does it fit in with your company’s marketing message? Or is it a last-minute decision just to fit in with the calendar? Proper pre-planning prevents poor performance.

Supports Local Business

Yes, it is true. Your support will help AddShine to continue our work in the business community and community in general. Without your support of our important, local, and hand-made corporate clothing & promotional gifts, we cannot continue our support to local businesses.

Want to continue this discussion over a cup of coffee? We would love to connect with you, so please give us a call. We would love to share our brand-building knowledge with you. And we would love to assist you with a quote. No matter how small? It is absolutely obligation-free. It is as simple as sending a WhatsApp or email, or you could even give us a call today.

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