Can coffee fix teams’ shenanigans?

Why Coffee is the Best Team Building Ingredient in Any Company?

Teams come in different shapes and sizes and depending on what personality profile assessment you choose, can have multiple color codes to deal with. Friction and a zillion different ideas are part and parcel of the company dynamics. Enter coffee. In our books, coffee is the number one contender for team builder of the year. The President of Company Coalition Builders.

These are the reasons why we believe no team-building effort can go without coffee:

Coffee beats wine hands down

Make no mistake, a glass of wine is a brilliant idea for building team spirit and cohesion, but eyebrows will definitely be raised if you go for a wine meeting at 10:00 on a Monday morning. No boet, rather join your client or teammate for a good cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. You could even use the fancy coffee machine in your company lounge with one of the funky new branded coffee mug options from addShine.

And let’s face it, by the time it is acceptable to drink wine again, you might have murdered someone! So, I’d rather sort it out with coffee.

The aroma of coffee on its own relieves stress like nothing on earth.

Well, that is assuming that there is an aroma to your coffee! Clark Gable once said: “I never laugh until I have had my coffee.” I don’t know about you, but if you want to make an impression on the Clark Gable’s at your company, you better have some excellent coffee on hand. It might just help to get the Suur Sannie’s into a better mood at the same time.

Picture holding a nice fat coffee mug in your hand. It is filled with freshly brewed coffee which leaves an aroma that makes you wish you could spend more time at work. Taking a deep breath on one of those is guaranteed to help all your heart’s muscles relax, allowing the creative juices to flow into your veins with abundance.

Coffee helps you find the right words.

Jackie Chan said: “Coffee is a language in itself.” I cannot argue with this. Have you ever had a stressful situation where you know you have to fix a relationship (even though you don’t feel like it.) You have no clue what you are going to say until you sit face to face with this person whom you feel like scratching their eyes out. Even though you know it is wrong. And then, as if from the heaven above, you finally utter a “Wow, this coffee smells amazing.”

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” I believe that friendships are fixed with one smell of a mutual coffee. And yes, as always it does help to drink that coffee from a branded AddShine Coffee Mug!

The long and short of team building in your company.

Whether you have to team up with a colleague or a client, there is nothing to fix the team-building spirit like coffee. Yes, even better than wine. If you do not know what to say, take a sip from your coffee and talk about the coffee rather than the elephant in the room. If everyone is grumpy, invite them for a cup of coffee.

And if you just need to avoid jail time, coffee in one of our cool branded mugs will do the trick. Hands down, every time. But don’t call me. Rentia is much faster with the quotes.

And she smiles without any coffee in her hand!

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