900 Meters of Branded Pen in the palm of your client’s hand

Why your company’s Branded Pens could be your ultimate marketing tool

Many people believe that branded pens are a thing of the past. They proclaim that you can get better mileage for your budget on anything other than branded pens. Here’s my argument: imagine your current or prospective client is holding your branded pen in the palm of his or her hand for 900 meters.

And if you are like some people I know (of whom I won’t name), that one pen will be lying all over their office for a very long time before the ink runs out. In a world of flashy logos and digital noise, branded pens definitely remain a marketing powerhouse. Their impact is much stronger than any billboard, and that for as little as R6,40*.

If you don’t believe me, here are more reasons why we at addShine credit the branded pen to be mightier than the sword.

A Lasting Impression

A well-crafted branded promotional pen becomes a silent ambassador. Every time it’s used, your brand name is subconsciously reinforced. Imagine your branded pen on someone’s desk as a constant reminder of your company’s presence, long after the fleeting social media post has faded.

A Personal Touch

In an increasingly digital age, a handwritten note or a signed contract carries weight. Your branded pen facilitates these interactions, adding a touch of class and personalization.

Walking Advertisement

People tend to hold onto useful things, especially a pen that writes smoothly. Imagine your logo traveling from meeting rooms to pockets, subtly promoting your brand wherever it goes.

Targeted Impact

Branded pens can be distributed strategically and with pin-point precision. At conferences, trade shows, or even included in customer packages. If you are a marketer who is worth your weight, you would know where to distribute your pens. Alternatively, you can get brand-building coaching from addVentures.

Cost-Effective Marketing with Branded Pens

Compared to other marketing strategies, branded pens offer a high impact for a low investment. They’re a practical and long-lasting tool that keeps your brand top-of-mind. Bringing us back to the 900 meters of writing capacity, let alone the time your branded pen will be lying on their desks, in their handbags, or even in their kitchens.

So, the next time you choose your brand-building tools, don’t underestimate the power of the branded pen. In the battle for brand recognition, the branded pen might just be the secret weapon you’ve been overlooking.

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*R6,40 is the price per pen of our latest offer.

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