The Banner Blunders: Why Cutting Costs Can Cut Corners



The Dilemma of Making the Wrong Choice

Ever found yourself cringing at the sight of a disheveled banner flapping wildly in the wind, like a superhero’s cape that’s given up on life? Well, I’ve seen this far too often where marketing executives choose the cheaper alternative banners, flags & gazebos. The fact that they chose to ignore the smooth sailing process if they chose addShine’s Banners, Flags & Gazebos, did come back to bite them.

Picture this: You invest in a budget gazebo for the company’s big outdoor event. All goes well and the boss is impressed. Fast forward to the next event that comes somersaulting across your diary like a lightning bolt on a Gauteng Summer’s Day. Now, as much as I enjoy a lighthearted chase after all the banners, flags, and gazebos that you need for your next event, the only dash I want at events is to snatch up a potential client, not to play tag with fabric on a stick.

Last Minute Outdoor Events

There is nothing worse than to realise a week before the next event, that you have tears in your flags, your gazebo is missing a part and the banners have been stored without the poles in the bag. That’s precisely why I have passionately sold a gazillion banners, flags, and gazebos to clients over the years. Only the highest quality will do. If you cannot make it fit in your budget, we are not going to surrender in supplying you shabby quality products.

We know that you won’t always be there to take real good care of every inch of flag and tent and whatever you have invested in. We know that you won’t always be the one to store the banners, flags & gazebos. We do however know that you will be the one sitting with fixing the flags, banners, and gazebos with zero sympathy for your budget or time.

Eliminate the 5C’s of Banner Purchase

Have you heard of the 5C’s of Outdoor Branding Purchases? Cutting Costs Can Cut Corners. Yes, we know you do not have an unlimited budget! And we don’t want to sell you anything that is not crucial in your brand-building race. But if you are going to cut costs just to cut costs without doing your due diligence, you are in for cutting corners that you will probably realise when it is way too late.

Switch to Stability

I can make a guarantee to you today: if you switch to addShine stability will be the name of the game. addShine’s Banners, Flags & Gazebos are steadfast, refusing to take unscheduled flights. With their products, longevity isn’t just a buzzword—”longer use out of each outdoor branding item” isn’t just a promise, it’s a palpable reality. I can affirm, from personal experience, their durability is nothing short of spectacular.

When you tend to lose a screw

Talking about unscheduled flights, let’s not forget how some assembly-required items tend to become disassembly-in-evitable in no time. With addShine, even if you’re prone to losing a screw or two (not a metaphor—I mean the actual hardware), we’ve got your back with replacement parts. That’s caring on a level that even my grandma with her ‘I’ve got extra buttons for everything’ sewing kit can’t match.

The Savvy Switch to addShine Banners, Flags & Gazebo’s

So, to all seasoned working pros out there looking to make a solid impression without becoming an internet meme of the banner-fail variety, make the savvy switch to addShine. And hey, if you act fast, the only thing sweeping away your competition will be your sales strategy and not the wind playing marbles with your brand image.

You know what to do. Click, call, or carrier pigeon your way to addShine now—because a great brand deserves unflappable exposure.

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