Team Branding ROI: Are we missing the point

Why is team branding not part of the equation when ROI on your branding is considered?

Might we be missing the point when we strictly follow the normal financial measures in establishing Team Branding ROI on getting our company name out there, noticed, and remembered? Various marketing tools are available and the choice of what to use is abundant.

A PPAI market research study has shown that promotional clothing and gifts have the best reach in comparison to other advertising channels out there.

The 5 R’s of Team Branding ROI

When looking at the 5 critical R’s, these statistics show that:


89% of people have received promotional items within the last 6 months.


9/10 people recall the branding of the item, 8/10 people recall the message, and 7/10 people recall the call to action.


82% of people have a more favorable impression of the brand.


Branded items are the most effective form of advertising across all generations.


80% of recipients of a branded item research the brand. 83% of recipients are more likely to do business with the brand and 81% will keep promotional products for more than 1 year.

Statistics on Promotional Clothing & Gifts

Apart from the 5 R’s, statistics on promotional clothing and gifts also show that outerwear, umbrellas, and t-shirts are the energizer bunny of promotional items. Calendars, headwear, and writing instruments have a shorter shelf life. Ultimately quality and utility are why people keep promotional products.

This is only the start of looking at successful branding options and calculating your company’s return on investment (ROI).

Your Team as the Greatest Asset

It is well known that a company’s greatest asset is its people. Why then is team branding not part of the equation when ROI on your branding is considered? In our opinion, this is one of the strongest elements in your brand-building arsenal.

Your employees can be your companies’ 24/7 brand ambassadors, potentially playing a role in :

  • Improving brand recognition
  • Boosting company reputation
  • Helping to build customer trust and loyalty
  • Encouraging a culture of pride and loyalty among employees
  • Building brand awareness
  • Distributing content on various channels
  • Leaving positive company reviews on job sites
  • Championing the brand on personal networks
  • Shaping the public’s perception of the brand
  • Referring new talent to join the team
  • Driving a stronger company culture 

Considering the worth that these factors can contribute to a business, the return on investment in building your company’s brand through promotional gifts and clothing does not seem as straight forward as one plus one.

It also becomes evident how crucial it is to invest in your employees and that great dividends are derived from such an investment.

Are you ready to ADD a point to your Team branding ROI? Then do not hesitate to contact addShine for a quote on promotional gifts and clothing and tailor-made team-building events.

Together we will make your team and brand shine like the brightest star!

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