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As a specialist with CliftonStrengths Coaching, Rentia Human journeys with individuals and teams to discover what is right about them and develop these natural talents, into strengths.

Skills can be taught, but a person without the natural talent will never be able to outperform the person with the natural talent, which is developed into a strength.

Natural talents can also be mismanaged, becoming a determent, instead of a strength. Investing in a person or team in this manner can lead to: 

  1. Allocating the right roles to the right person.
  2. Creating a positive workplace environment. 
  3. Individualizing management.
  4. Forming of stronger, more effective teams.
  5. Improving self-awareness.

The Power of


23 percent increase in employee engagement

Engagement Effect on Key Business Outcomes

When compared with business units in the bottom quartile of engagement, those in the top quartile realize improvements in the following areas: 






Rentia Human

My top 5 Strengths: 

  1. Learner 
  2. Individualization 
  3. Achiever
  4. Developer 
  5. Relator


Rentia Human has a passion for helping people, and more particularly, in helping people to develop. She is a firm believer that growth is inevitable when one stretches one’s boundaries and opens oneself to new experiences. 

Her journey with helping people started with a 2-year certificate course in Basic Counseling in 2009. This led her to enroll for her  BA in Health and Social Services in Psychological Counselling followed by an Honors in Psychology. During this period she discovered CliftonStrengths. She soon realized that she got energized through assisting with development, and has thus focused predominantly on courses and experiences facilitating such a process, leaving behind traditional counseling. 

She has had the pleasure & privilege of working with management and volunteer teams in Vodacom, Robotics, Tutela Boksburg, The Dutch Reformed Church of Alberton South, The Dutch Reformed Church of Fairland, Marais Viljoen High as well as many couples & individuals. 


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